Merlin Rockets by Keith Callaghan
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Four Runner - the 4 plank controversy

Fourrunner was a 4 plank version of the Hornblower 206 design, sponsored by the MROA Committee, and built as an experiment to test the membership's reaction to a possible liberalisation of the construction rules. Only one was built (MR2658), and granted a special certificate by the RYA as it did not conform to the class rules in respect of maximum width of planks. It was built by my friend, and then Class Secretary, Bernard Wormald, in his garage.

For my recollections of the 4 plank controversy, see The move to liberalise the construction rules (1972-1973) - the 4-plank Merlin
Bernard Wormald and Fourrunner, 1972
Yachting and Boating article, May 1972
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Last updated 29 August 2003