TSR dinghy by Keith Callaghan
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The TSR Dinghy

TSR is a new dinghy design for 2013. In 2011 I designed and built the prototype of a new singlehander - HADRON, and following on from this I was approached by a dinghy sailor from Tamesis Club, based at Teddington. We trialled Hadron on the river at Tamesis and it became clear that a design more appropriate to the unique conditions would be the optimal solution. A modified hull shape was produced which was more symmetrical in shape, had less wetted area and was optimised for quick tacking (ends clear of the water, more freeboard amidships and wider side decks). Onto this hull was planted a very tall rig, to catch the lightest zephyr. This design is named TSR (Thames S Rater).

Like Hadron, the TSR is of 4 plank plywood construction, and is specifically designed to be easy to build. A kit of plywood parts can be made available, or full size drawings of the building frames and the major plywood parts (including the planks) are available (click on "purchase plans" link above). Construction of the first boat is due to commence towards the end of 2012.

Principal Dimensions:

Length over all4.20 metres
Length on waterline4.20 metres
Beam1.93 metres
Hull weight
(inc centreboard, ex rig)
Sail area 10.8sq metres
Portsmouth Number To be ascertained
Fish's eye view of TSR

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